Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017


           i have some unforgettable memory in my live, when i in seven grade junior high school. at that time i was back from my school on foot with my friends, i'm waiting my mom for come after i arrived in high way at JL. Cikadutt But my mom doesn't has not come yet, i was panic. because for the first  time i just learned to go home by myself. Fortunately my friend doesn't has to come after her dad, call her Salma. She's not just my friend, She's my best friend, I'm really fortunately because i'm not alone for waiting my mom to come after me.

           five minute's latter, Salma's dad come after her. and i was alone in that high way, but someone come for me. when his come for me, i'm very greet full ! because his my senior. Call him Alfan, in my school called senior be tittle "Senpai", me and Alfan senpai always talking about anime, japan, and many films. but his just waiting for the taxi. and me go alone again.

          five teen minute's latter i waiting my mom for come after me, when i want to called my mom from my phone... , my  phone battery was low. I'm waiting my mom very long. And finally my mom come after me, I'm very happy because mom come after me. And i'm never forget that memory.

thank you! (^-^)

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Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017



(At a book festival) to

Yasmine : "Hi! My name is Yasmine. What's yours?"
Asri : "I'm Asri."
Yasmine: "I'm from Bandung. Where do you from?"
Asri: "I'm from Japan."
Yasmine : "Wow! it's so far from here. Do you come all the way here just to meet Andrea Hirata?"
Asri : "Yes, I do. I like reading novels and I'm a fan of him. How about you?"
Yasmine : "That's great! I like reading too."
Asri: "What's your other favorite writers?"
Yasmine: "I like Rick Riordans and J.K. Rowling. How about you?"
Asri: "I like J.K. Rowling too. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy books. What genre do you like?"
Yasmine: "Me too! By the way, do you come here alone?"
Asri: "No, I come with my cousin. My parents don't allow to me to go alone since I'm still in high school."
Yasmine: "Oh, you're still a high school student. Are you on holiday?"
Asri: "Yes, I'm a 10th grader and it's winter holiday now. How about you?"
Yasmine: "Wow, we're on the same grade. I'm on holiday too. Where do you stay here?"
Asri: "I stay in my aunt's house. Do you live around here?"
Yasmine: "No, I live in Gedebage. It's not really close."
Asri : "Nice to meet you. Can I have your phone number?"
Yasmine: "Sure, it's XXXXXXX."
Asri : "Thanks, we'll catch up later."
Yasmine: "see u next time!"
Asri: "see u!" 

Senin, 31 Juli 2017


Hai everyone i'm Asri Nur Hanifah from Indonesia, people call me Asri. I live in Bandung, i born at 8 february 2002. i have little sister her name Lusi. My hobbi's drawing, hear a music, reading , play a game, and watching an anime every holiday v:
my favourite films is Diabolik Lovers, Touken Ranbu. My favourite food : ramen, chikgen katsu, Sate, Rendang, cake. ,y blood type is B. My favourite type comic and film : Fantasy, Action, sci-fy, romance, Drama. My favourite palace is my bed room, my home, and my grand parent house. My favourite game is diabolik lovers, collarxmalice. I'm 10 grade now, and my school at jl. belitung no. 8 in Senior Hight School 3.

That is all from me, Sorry if there are words that I am less pleased,I would like to express my gratitude /(^-^)/